Un champagne naturel

Vines and man

Just like the human body, a vine can fight off certain external attacks if one encourages its natural defense mechanisms, in particular by avoiding excessive chemical spraying (the equivalent of medecine for man). For instance, when grey rot attacks, the vine naturally produces a protein (resveratrol) wich has a protecting effect. Scientists have also discovered that this powerful anti-oxidant can be useful in the treatment of certain human afflictions. This is the kind of balance that we are trying to re-create or preserve.

This ecological vission of things is also applied to the winery. Serge Mathieu Champagne is equipped with very efficient systems to treat waste products (the process is called alpha O). Building materials and equipement have also beeen carefully chosen: insulating bricks, flax-fibre insulation, heat pumps, recycling of rain water.

But our way of thinking is neither obsessive nor dogmatic. We have simply chosen to work in a certain way, but to be realistic and transparent about what we do. All our experiments and tests are validated by appropriate scientific experts. We are organo-practical in a sense, and do not operate according to pre-conceptions or dogmatic principles.

Our choice in terms of viticultue is very demanding to put into practice, but it has no road map. It also has inherent risks, since choosing an ecologically viable route, as well as trying to produce quality wines, inevitably entails a fall in grape yields. We have a modern and scientific approach to ecology, not a social or political one. We feel that everyone should be concerned by ecology.

As far as we are concerned, good viticulture should be transparent in its approach and its details, combining ethics and lifestyle.