In 1987, his daughter Isabelle joined the family firm after studying modern languages. She set out on the road, in France, Germany and then Great Britain, making contacts and rapidly extending the clientele. Within the space of a dozen years, sales had grown to over 80,000 bottles, of which 60% were exported. These was an export share worthy of the major houses, but rare for a small grower. In 1996 Isabelle married Michel Jacob, a vine-grower from the nearby village of Merrey-sur-Arce. He joined the Mathieu family business a couple of years later and decided to focus on the vineyard and its care. In the cellars, Serge tutored the young recruit and gradually handed over the reins. Isabelle and Michel Mathieu-Jacob energetically handle the four main jobs of an independent wine-producer (vineyard cultivation, winemaking, selling and administration). They travel to markets and receive visitors, openly discussing their wines and approach with customers from all over the world. Their good humour comes with the local accent!

Histoire de Serge Mathieu