Technique de vinification

Serge Mathieu’s vineyard

The vineyards of Serge Mathieu cover just over 11 hectares (27 acres), and lie within the commune of Avirey-Lingey.

The vines have an average age of 23 years. 80% of them are pinot noir and 20% chardonnay.

Adjacent to the winery and office buildings, the main plot is called La Bressoire, and covers 3 hectares in a single block. Its steep slope faces South-south-east and is planted exclusively with pinot noir. A second series of fifteen plots lie on the slope called Bagneux. They lie at the top of this slope and thus are less susceptible to frost. They are planted with both pinot noir and chardonnay. The remaining part of the estate is comprised of four long strips on the hill called Couins.