Technique de vinification

We do not bluff and bluster…

We are currently inundated with logos, labels, slogans and claims of all kinds, from various schools and cliques of wine producers. Following decades of totally irresponible farming pratices, discussions and actions in the direction of healthy farming techniques have finally come to the fore in France, and so much the better. In this strong tendancy, not all is to be welcomed with open arms: there is often sincerity with responsible behaviour and attitudes, but there is also considerable confusion, together with doses of both opportunism and intolerance. As with any revolution, some things go too far.

In our case, we have put aside marketing and communication gambits to try to foocus on the vineyard and the meaning and effects of what we are doing there. Our way of looking at things also stems from choices in terms of life-style, values and esthetics. The Jacob-Mathieu family like the surroundings in which they live. They look after them and share them with visitors from near and far. « We have the great good fortune to practice a fine and fascinating trade. We live in a beautiful and little-known region that is far from anywhere, yet people come to see us from all kinds of places. We are very fortunate, and there is no way that we will disappoint our visitors. »

Surrounding a charming reception building, whose light and airy structure just blends with the landscape, lies a beautiful hillside vineyard in which we can show what it means to have a living piece of land. This is Michel Jacob’s work, about which he is passionate and full of enthusiasm. His words are precise, but his attitude is relaxed, alternating the educational with the ironic. The basic philosphy is simple: one never « owns » land, one is like a tenant whose obligation is to pass it on, fertile and in good condition, able to produce fine grapes that have the potential to be made into fine wine. « Our terroir is beautiful, and we should respect and maintain it well, allowing the earth to breath and improving its condition. »