Technique de vinification

…but we act

Champagne’s cool climate is ideal for the production of fine, crisp and lively wines that show elegance. Yet such a cool and damp climate tends to encourage the development of various diseases such as mildew. This has resulted in massive doses of chemical treatments being used for some time in Champagne against these fungal diseases. Clean viticultural practice can therefore be quite challenging here. Michel Jacob has been a pioneer in dealing seriously with this issue. For the past 15 years he has worked in the vineyard with determination but with no certitudes. His approach is pragmantic rather than revolutionary. He has constantly experimented in order to reduce or elimate the use of chemical products. One way has been to help the vine develop its natural resistance capacities, and to steer the earth towards its natural balance. The aim of all this work is not to acquire a logo or a certificate, but to respect the final product, the consumer, and the land. The crossroads to these goals are healthy, good-flavoured grapes.

« Healthy grapes and a respectful attitude towards nature are the fundamantals of good winemaking. »

Michel Jacob