Un champagne naturel

Old-fashioned common sense

Thoroughly respecting the environment takes care and trouble and costs more. It also implies breaking away from a way of thinking based on high yields and short-term profit. It involves abandoning treating vines with chemicals and installing the use of farming pratices that preserve life within the earth, developing natural resistances in the vine so that it can defend itself. Michel Jacob has a scientific and pragmatic approach to this. Preserving the environment should not imply a dogmatic attitude and every new procedure is first tested in close collaboration with laboratories and scientific advisors.

Vititcultural practices must ensure that nature’s forces are harnessed to nourish the vine and improve its resistance. The result is a return to natural balance and a certain form of harmony: things that our forebearers, through a mixture of necessity and good sense, respected. But we try to understand how these things work, thanks to the enlightenment of scientific knowledge.